Saturday, October 14, 2006

Next Support Group Meeting scheduled for SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th at 1pm

The next regional fibromyalgia support group will meet on Saturday, November 4th at 1:00 p.m. in Education Classrooms 1 & 2 at Princeton Community Hospital. I've been assured by the PCH Education Dept. staff that we will not be moved again this year or next. The 2007 schedule will remain the FIRST SATURDAY of EACH MONTH.

Our October 7th meeting's content had to be postponed for a second time. Unfortunately, that meeting had to be moved to a room in which there was no audio-video equipment. So, the important content planned for the last two meetings is now scheduled for the upcoming session on November 4th.

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to publically thank Debby Ramella for stepping up to lead our last support group session. A big thanks also to Katie Robinett for her help in getting the materials to the meeting in my absence. I understand from first-hand reports that the meeting went well even under the difficult circumstance that was unexpectedly encountered just prior to meeting time which required relocation to a much smaller, unequipped room.

Way to go, Debby! Again, many thanks.

The upcoming meeting will begin with a brief synopsis of the content of past meetings. Then, a multi-media presentation will feature the July 6, 2006 University of California at San Diego (UCSD)Chronic Pain Management Roundtable. A panel of multi-disciplinary medical experts knowledgeable in the practical treatment of fibromyalgia patients present how doctors should approach and treat fibromyalgia syndrome patients. This would be a good meeting to bring your doctor along with you or any other health care practitioner you can get to attend.

Our December 2nd meeting will feature "Finding A Doctor Who Is Right For You" and will utilize much of what we've learned about current, evidence-based medical findings and what your primary care physician should be doing in diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms according to the latest findings and best practices.

Keep checking back here for updates on future topics to be covered. We have lots more valuable information to share. Be sure to invite others who may benefit from the latest news about fibromyalgia and related medical disorders.

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